We Should All Be Millionaires

Rachel Rodgers, 'We Should All Be Millionnaires' is available here


I’d read quite a few books about money mindset before I came across this one. Within the first few pages I breathed a sigh of relief. This wasn’t just another ‘this is how I got rich and you can too’ kind of book.

You know the type. They remind me of the show-offs at school, disrupting the class, unable to let anyone else speak.

‘Look at me!’

When translated into books, those stories become self-serving and some have even felt so condescending to anyone who has not made millions investing their original millions from the dotcom boom into wall street.

They are so ‘other half’ that the concepts are not even comprehensible to those of us who are just trying to work hard, support our families and chase our dreams.

I’ll be clear. I like money. I want money. But I want to earn it myself, and then I want to give it away.

My goals are simple. To be able to support my family and make them happy, and to help as many people as I can by doing work that aligns with my true purpose.

This was the book that finally changed my ‘money mindset’ without making me feel like the last 40+ years of my life had been a complete failure.


  • The book is written for women, especially those within a ‘systematically oppressed community’ as she puts it, such as Black, Asian, LGBTQ+. Rachel includes some pretty jaw-dropping facts about wage disparity related to race, gender and ethnicity too.

  • It has the perfect ratio between the author’s own story, real-life case studies, and action steps you can take to follow along – there aren’t many books that get this right.

It’s split into two main sections:

Part 1: Million Dollar Behaviour – guides you through all the mindset stuff, offering a really convincing argument why it’s important to strive for more, not just for you as an individual, but for women collectively, and to make an impact on the world.

Part 2: Million Dollar Roadmap – the ‘how’. Five chapters dedicated to taking you step-by-step through the process of identifying your offer, owning your value, and committing to making more money, either as an employee or a business-owner.

Who is Rachel Rodgers?

Rachel Rodgers is an intellectual property attorney and business coach. She runs the company ‘Hello Seven’, a women-run company specializing in business, marketing, financial, and legal training.

She also hosts a real kick-in-the-butt podcast of the same name.

Best bits

  1. The exercise to work out what you have to offer that is extremely valuable, starting in Chapter 7: Million Dollar Value, is hands-down, the most thought-provoking, effective and empowering ways to answer this question I have ever seen. So much so that I adapted a version of it to use as a journaling activity in my workshops, and people just love it! In short, it starts with recognising your natural talents, auditing your accomplishments, understanding your zones of incompetence, competence, excellence and genius, and choosing from a long list of options you have available to you for how you are going to make more money. Best bit of the book.

  2. The way the book is written is so positive and empowering. It’s so ‘you can do this’ and ‘you should do this’, and yet it somehow manages not to be annoying or patronising. For a non-fiction book it’s a true feel-good story!

  3. The final chapter sets you a challenge to make a pre-defined amount of money with a deadline, which is a really clever way of encouraging you to put what you’ve learnt into action now, rather than simply closing the book and forgetting why you picked it up in the first place.


As someone who has been self-employed for many years, I instantly feel like I can put into action the things I learn from books like this; that I’m in control. Even though Rachel tries to give examples of how these same concepts could be used by an employee, i.e. asking for a raise, personally, I have never been in a job where this was even an option. I understand that in the corporate sector this may be possible, but for many public sector workers who earn a minimum wage for doing a job that they love, it’s just not that easy.

Worth buying?

Oh yes!

I read a lot of self-help, business, positive psychology, mindset, coaching books – at least one per week. Most of them I read once then they disappear into the bottomless pit of my Kindle.

I have read ‘We Should All Be Millionnaires’ three times already. I’ve bookmarked pages. I've bought it for friends. And I’ve turned my favourite chapter of the book into a workshop activity for my clients.

Takeaway Task

Rachel Rodgers asks:

“How would your life change if you actually believed in yourself?”

Get out your journal and write for ten minutes in response to this question.

Rachel Rodgers, 'We Should All Be Millionnaires' is available here:

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