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  • Rachel Ireland

September: The Perfect Time for a New Start

September is my favourite month of the year, which doesn’t make much sense really because I seriously disliked school. But now it feels to me like the perfect time for a change, a reset, a new start.

As a fan of setting goals and everything else to do with personal development, I will take any opportunity to restart something that hasn’t gone to plan. I’m not a huge believer in New Year’s resolutions though, if only because the whole idea of them seems tainted with scepticism, plus the fact that everyone else is doing it, which is usually a good enough reason for me not to!

But September - the promise of Autumn, with its crunchy leaves, harvest festivals and bonfire night, and the slow and cosy descent into winter coats, dark nights and Christmas – has a ‘new start’ feeling of its very own.

I took some time off in August to review where I was in my life and business, and the elusive balance between the two. I knew that if I could get everything to make sense in my mind by the time September came around, the kids went back to school, and my inbox started filling up again, then I’d be able to approach it all with a newfound sense of calm and focus.

As a result I spent the summer excessively overthinking, scribbling and sketching my way through several notebooks to try to figure out the answer to my uncertainty. There was no moment of clarity when it all made sense, or even a calculated process that, if I just diligently worked through, would give me the answer. It was painfully slow and confusing, and not even all that satisfying when I realised, as I usually do, that the answer had been there all along in my original intuition about the changes I wanted and needed to make. Instead of listening to it and moving forward, I had stopped in panic, assumed I must be wrong, and tried everything in my power to convince myself otherwise.

The dilemma I was having really came down to how to answer that age-old question, ‘So, what do you do?’ In my various careers and businesses there has always been a common thread, but it’s not always obvious from the outside. It was important to me that I could explain what I was passionate about, and why, and how I used that to help people.

Before I share with you the description that finally allowed me to sleep at night once again:

I’d love to encourage you to think about your September reset, and about whether it feels like a good time to set a new goal, or whether you could just change the way you tell your story a little so that it feels a bit more you.

So, What Do You Do?

I set up The Creative Map because I am passionate about helping people reconnect to their creativity and then use it to make a positive difference in the world.

We deliver:

  • Creative workshops, courses & tools for wellbeing & change

  • Training & mentoring for people interested in turning their creativity & passion into a successful not-for-profit or social impact business

Simple right?!

You can find more details about workshops, courses & mentoring here on the website.

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