Back On Track & Ready To Set New Goals

Something happens when you get creative - it seems to spark all of these other ideas in your brain.

For example, I'll be painting and out of nowhere come up with the perfect title for a song.

Another thing I've noticed is the clarity that comes with self-care. I am the first to admit that I don't always take my own advice, that I can be glued to my desk for the best part of the day, and yet...when I do force myself to go outside and walk the dog, firstly I feel an immediate sense of awe because I do truly love and appreciate the fact that we live in the most beautiful part of the countryside, and so instantly my spirit is lifted.

Secondly, the problem or challenge I've chained myself to my desk to work through is all of a sudden 'obvious' and completely 'back in perspective'.

Why did I ever think the answer was on a screen when it was in my heart all along?

I love seeing the participants of my course reconnect to their creativity, feel more confident and decide that they want to do something positive with their lives, but the next question is often,

Where do I even start?

I've put together some creative tools to give you a place to start planning your dream and achieving your new goals.

I've made a video demonstration of each of these activities. For some of them you can also get a PDF worksheet or template from my Etsy shop, but it's not a requirement of following along.

Julia Cameron's Morning Pages

Goal Setting Exercises that actually work

What Should I Focus on In Life?

Wheel of Life for Goals

Using the Eisenhower Matrix to Manage your To-Do List

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