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for February 2021 only

*price will increase to £79 on 1/3/21

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Are you ready to unleash your natural creativity and live your life in full colour?

'Creativity for the Soul' is a step-by-step guide to using writing, music and art to free your imagination, find your inspiration & express your true self.

Complete at your own pace:

  • Creative writing exercises that encourage you to reflect on your past and identify opportunities for change

  • Practical ways to seek inspiration, appreciate the present and feel positive about the future

  • An introduction to using music and the songwriting process to empower you to tell your story

  • Simple techniques using art and mixed media as a form of self-care

In week 1 we’ll use creative writing techniques to reflect on our past, reconnect with who we really are and start allowing ourselves to do things that make us happy.

In week 2 we’ll use music to explore our influences and inspiration, to tell our story in a song, and we’ll look at the ways we might choose to outwardly express ourselves.

In week 3 we’ll use art to affirm our renewed positivity, let go of limiting beliefs and set some big goals for the future.

In week 4 we’ll bring all of this together, focus on setting healthy and creative habits to go out and live our most authentic lives.

What's Included?

  • 4 Units

    • What's Your Story?​

    • The Power of Music

    • Your Natural Creativity

    • Reflection

  • 5 'How To' PDF Guides

    • Hello You!

    • Storytelling through Song

    • Mandala Rainbow

    • Sunrise

    • Vision Board

  • 2 Challenges

    • 21-Day Journaling Challenge

    • Mind, Body & Soul 

  • 22 Videos

    • PLUS Additional Music Theory video

  • BONUS: The opportunity to submit your writing, music or art for our online gallery.

We are...

Rachel Ireland is a musician, songwriter and creative coach. The Creative Map CIC combines Rachel's passions of music, creativity and working with disadvantaged communities. She enjoys developing creative activities for individuals and groups using music, writing and therapeutic art techniques.

Rachel records and releases her own original indie-folk music, co-writes with professional artists and is regularly commissioned to deliver creative workshops on behalf of mental health charities.

Debbie Mann has always had a passion for creative activities - from colouring books as a child, to painting, songwriting and, more recently, jewellery making.


With experience as a stage performer, musician, teaching assistant and care worker she has witnessed first-hand the power of art and its ability to calm, comfort and evoke precious memories. Debbie says, “using colour to create a picture or pattern helps me to express my feelings without words and being part of The Creative Map CIC enables me to continue to help others discover its magic too.”

You are...


  • Believe there could be therapeutic qualities to writing, listening to music and creating art and would like to experiment with that

  • Are open to trying creative activities to support your own wellbeing and self-care

  • Enjoy art but have never felt you’re doing it right

  • Feel you can’t or don’t get the opportunity to express yourself fully in your current work/life situation 

  • Feel it’s time to do something for yourself

  • Have memories and experiences you’d love to capture for your own future and/or share with others

  • Would love to write, make music and create art more regularly 

  • May or may not play a musical instrument - this is not necessary to complete the course

  • Not sure if you’re naturally creative, but you’d like to find out!

We can create simply because it

brings us joy, helps us to process

our feelings, to better understand ourselves and, if we choose to,

to share that with others.



for February 2021 only

*price will increase to £79 on 1/3/21

This fantastic new course has had all its content and activities tested on a diverse

range of volunteers. This is their direct feedback:

The reflective writing exercises helped to

release some lovely memories for me. 

They made me feel positive and happy, 

and reminded me of who I really am.

I found the art activities very calming and therapeutic. It took me back to happier times 

and put into perspective some of the pressures of day-to-day life.

I still can't believe I wrote a song; something I've wanted to do all my life. It felt wonderful to put some of my favourite memories to music. I can't wait to share it with my family.

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