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I’ve noticed there’s often a natural progression from reconnecting, finding yourself, becoming who you know you really are, then wanting to share your experience in a way that helps others.

If you've been reconnecting to your creativity and setting new goals, and now you're ready to make a positive difference in the world…

I offer 1-1 coaching, mentoring & accountability for people who are ready to turn their passion, creativity & mission into a successful not-for-profit or socially conscious business.

I've detailed the ways we can work together below, but I'd suggest you email me (rachel@thecreativemapcic.com),

text me (07377 099501) or book an initial free call below first.

If I genuinely think I can help you, we can talk about working together. If that's not the right solution for us both I will signpost you to some great resources that I use myself.

Rachel x

Your 1-1 sessions will be tailored to your specific needs, but could include:

  • Your Purpose

    • Develop & validate your idea

    • Identify your unique combination of skills & knowledge

    • Set a clear & purpose-led goal

    • Work on your mission & social aims

    • Create a serious action plan

  • Your Power

    • Prioritise your time & focus on high-performance tasks that will lead to success

    • Boost your confidence & move past your limiting beliefs

    • Work on your money mindset

    • Prioritise self-care, healthy habits & balance

    • Manage overwhelm & anxiety

  • Your Plan

    • Explore business structures & how to register 

    • Understand income generation, fundraising & bid-writing

    • Learn how to employ staff, recruit volunteers & keep business records

    • Design your website & plan your social media content

    • Write your key message, vision, mission & value statements

  • Your Potential

    • Identify your products & services & create an irresistible offer

    • Think about long-term goals & sustainability

    • Set personal & business income targets

    • Measure outcomes & impact

    • Make big steps & fast progress with the resources you have

“Plants thrive in the right environment, just like people do. Now I know I need to make changes myself, if I want to thrive” - Anne


“Working with you has given me such a sense of achievement. I now feel confident about setting new goals" - Linda

How We Can Work Together

Consultations - book here

  • a 45 minute Zoom call

  • follow-up email summary of our call, my suggestions & your next steps

  • available to new & current clients who are at the pre-start-up, start-up or early stages of running a not-for-profit or socially conscious business in the UK

  • You can use this time to ask a question, talk through a current challenge, or get some help with a task such as a bid, policy or strategy document.

  • book as and when needed

  • £50


Monthly Mentoring - contact me first

  • 2 x 1 hour Zoom calls

  • Email & text support

  • My personal review/critique/assistance with your work

  • Recommendations & resources

  • Pay for a month at a time, as & when you need it

  • £200

Cup of Coffee

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