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These mini courses and activities are based on activities and topics from the live workshops I run both online and out in the community.


They are designed to be easy to follow, and hands-on, so that you feel you are making progress towards your goal.

Each mini course comprises a fillable PDF workbook and a private playlist of videos to guide you through the topic.

All of these products are available to purchase through our Etsy shop, where you will receive an instant download of your documents.


Mini Courses

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This mini course was designed to give you all the information you need to consider your options for starting up a not-for-profit organisation, including:

  • What is a Not-For-Profit?

  • 7 legal structures of not-for-profit organisations

  • What is a Charity & How Do I Start One?

  • What is a Social Enterprise & How Do I Start One?

  • First 6 steps to starting up your not-for-profit


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This mini course comprises a 30-page workbook and 3 private videos to guide you through 15 positive and healthy habits that are proven to supercharge your wellbeing.

  • Guidance and space to practice each of the 15 habits inside the workbook

  • Interactive visual activities

  • Supports your creative wellbeing journey



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Levitating Books

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