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Creative Coaching

YOU are naturally creative...everyone is!

Find It

Rediscover those things that light you up, that make you forget to check the time.


I want you to reconnect to those activities, those parts of your life that may have been left behind. This might be music you loved to listen to, hobbies you liked to spend your time on, projects you got lost in, even people you haven’t made time for.


It’s so easy to get swept away in our non-stop, everyday lives, and the longer we dismiss the things that actually matter to us, the more we feel disconnected to who we really are.

Do It

We are our own worst enemies, constantly getting in our own way, fighting a mental battle with ourselves.

Being creative can open us up again, remind us who we are, allow us to express ourselves freely and get the wheels of optimism turning.  


So when we find that one thing we're really passionate about, but too afraid to do, it's worth taking the time to work on our own barriers and get to a place where we can more easily spend more time doing the things that make us happy.

Share It

As we begin to capture our memories, tell our stories and share more of ourselves with others, we multiply the positive effects. We feel better about ourselves, we contribute towards a kinder world, and we inspire others to do the same.


This is key to the whole process because the fastest, most effective way to get out of our own head is to help others.


The very best thing you can give to the world is to show up as your true self.

I specialise in nurturing the connection between creativity and wellbeing.

My role is to encourage you to tap into your natural creativity to express and reconnect to yourself.

Rachel Ireland - Creative Coach

How can I help?

As an INFJ (the rarest personality type) and a HSP (highly sensitive person), I am not a typical coach. My approach is gentle, calm and quietly confident. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing someone transform into the fullest expression of themselves. 

​Perhaps you are early on in your journey of self discovery, self acceptance or recovery. In this I can support you as an equal, a mentor, and together we will use the creative tools that I've seen first-hand to be truly transformative. The goal is for you to move forward into the next chapter of your life feeling like yourself.​

I hold certificates in Life Coaching and Therapeutic Art, but I see these as complementary to my own intuitive way of working which is based on my life experience, varied careers, personal challenges and my values of honesty, integrity and kindness.


Rachel x

Would you like to:

  • be more creative in your current role, at work or at home?

  • build some time into your schedule for a creative hobby?

  • turn your creative passion into a side hustle or business?

  • commit to finally writing that book, starting to paint or learning an instrument?

Take the first step today by scheduling a Discovery Call with me.