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Often, when someone goes through a life-changing experience, for example a breakdown, bereavement, prison sentence, addiction, or illness, they feel a sense of duty to help other people in the same situation; they feel called to take action.  


These people become advocates, volunteers & activists – in short, they change the world.


Our aim is to provide all the information and resources you need to create a platform to turn your story of change into social impact by setting up and growing a not-for-profit organisation or community group.


We do this through:


This is for you if you:

  • want to turn your pain/struggle/survival/recovery into positive action.

  • have a deep and compelling need to shine a light on an issue you feel strongly about.

  • have identified a problem, feel compelled to fix it but don’t know where to start.

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Here are 3 ways to get started

Taking notes and reading

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Holding Books

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Everything we do at The Creative Map is designed to guide you through these five stages:

Step 1: What’s Your Story?

  • using music, journaling, art, movement & storytelling to explore your identity, your story & your unique set of skills

Step 2: Pay It Forward

  • taking your personal experiences and turning them into an idea that could help others in a similar situation​

Step 3: Building Your Community

  • creating a platform for your cause & building your community​

Step 4: Funding Your Idea

  • generating funding to start & run your not-for-profit organisation or community group​

Step 5: Making an Impact

  • planning for the longer term & making a bigger impact​


Where are you on your journey?

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